I have a long (yet typical) list of things to be thankful for this year. I feel truly blessed, and deeply grateful to have things like a great job, wonderful boyfriend, and the best family ever.

*PHEW* I'm glad that's out of the way. Because what I'm most thankful for at Thanksgiving is this AWESOME holiday. I am so glad we have one day a year where we're not celebrating when we're supposed to be somber. Every time Memorial Day or Veterans Day (or a host of other days) rolls around I just end up feeling guilty for thinking about sales and salads when I should be thinking about sacrifice. I appreciate the thought behind these types of holidays, but isn't it a tad ironic that we spend Labor Day lounging? Wouldn't it make more sense to take off, say Celebration of Life Week (Jan 1-7), or International Eat an Apple Day (conveniently observed on my birthday...Sept 17th. I like food gifts)?

I like that there's not a secret Thanksgiving meaning. The name couldn't be more self-explanatory, or more joyous! Come. Give Thanks. (and EAT!) So I'm grateful to be feelin' the love, feedin the folks, and frolicking through the posts at Uncomfortable Moments with Putin this Thanksgiving!
P.S. I'm also thankful I saw Santa driving around in his green, snowflake-detailed convertible last week. When he saw my camera flash he looked at me and winked!