Popcorn on the cob, of course!

Momo, Two, Four, and Brother Z discovered this quirky treat when traveling through the emerald prairies of western Ohio. Popcorn on the cob adds an extra dose of novelty to an already enjoyable activity -- who doesn't love to soak up waves of radiation staring at an expanding popcorn bag through a gloriously translucent microwave door? And listening to the frantic shots of those tiny kernels bursting into clouds of salty goodness? Unbeatable. We buttered the popcorn cob and put it into a paper bag before nuking it, but there are many different ways to skin this cat. . . I mean cob.

Get some ears of popcorn (and some tips for preparing it) here

*I apologize to anyone who was anticipating a. . . happier ending to this post. We're not that kind of blog