Wegmans in Pittsford, NY (outside of Rochester), Wegman's youngest shoppers, flowers, squash, apples; shitake, pom pom, truffle mushrooms; Keeper of black truffles aka Mushroom Man ( only 299.99 a lb.); More mushrooms, garlic, bagels, baguettes; Juice man, cheese shoppe, patisserie, international news stand; Octopus, wood burning oven for bread, Executive chefs, fish monger's catch; Tuscan kettle, custom mix teas, tea bar & loose and packaged teas; candy store.

PS. All photos by moi. Four and Five know what an accomplishment this is.

The Y Master has been telling me about Wegmans for years. According to him, the Wegmans in Rochester is just about the most miraculous grocery shopping experience available. I roll my eyes as he tells me yet again about its unparalleled selection, affordability and sheer beauty. Gag.
That is until this past week when...
I finally partook in this miraculous retail experience. Trust me, the hype is merited.

I give you my
top five of Wegmans, Wonder of the World:
1. The fresh juice man who gave me an entire fresh coconut to "sample."
2. Wood burning stove that makes over 50 different kinds of bread.
3. THREE -- count them -- THREE different veggie preparation stations.
4. Did I mention they give you samples ALL of the time?
5. When I was taking pictures in the store and told an older woman, "it's just so exciting" her reply was "Honey, I completely understand!"

Y Master, you were right. Wegmans is, without a doubt, a wonder of the grocery shopping world.

Mr. Wegman himself, may he rest in peace and watch in joy as we all partake in the fruits of his labor. a ha. a ha. They sell fruit...? That wasn't funny.... hmm...

Post Wegman's party at the Wedding. . . wait. . . . I am so confused.