Very few people know this about me, but I once danced backup for a hip-hop singer. The reasons for this uncharacteristic secrecy are as follows; 1 (one) when I say once, I mean once. 2 (two) it happened last week, and I've been holding in my excitement so as to give FIVE the exclusive on this report.

So here it is. I went to an MC Yogi concert, realized my inner goddess, and danced my booty off to boot. The concert was a perfect mix of things Dr. P and I love, yet don't really have in common. It was a rap/hip-hop concert, in a museum, with narrative songs based on stories Dr. P learned as a child. PLUS it was free, and if there's anything I love more than Dr. P, dancing, and museums, it would have to be my sisters, but free stuff is pretty sweet too.

Speaking of free stuff... if you like this music video you can download the mp3 for, yes, free, here.