Another week - in which, during an attempt to ask about what she thought was a new fish in a recent convert's fish tank, my companion asked if this new member had a new sin....It was a little awkward, especially because the member in question recently moved in with her boyfriend...But it was all quite silly and jolly and I don't *think* anybody was horribly offended.....Nah!

Oh! So elections are taking place in Quebec right now. There are a lot of get out the vote signs, and other political signs. And they are all. So. Weird. Really really odd. I'll take pictures today and send them next week. But they are super strange - and a very good way to see some fundamental differences between Quebec vs. U.S.A. Just to give you an idea, one has a stony faced 60-something year old woman with purple streaks in her hair and a giant bobble necklace. It's weird, and not particularly inspiring. All of the campaign posters have giant pictures of the politicans on them. It seems like something from a Kurt Vonnegut story. Yissss....these frogs are a little odd. Also, we did some street contacting and were mistaken for campaigners...And then we street contacted one of the politicians from the creepy giant signs! She was not very sympatico. So we've started passing out flyers for her opponent. I kid, I kid! But we actually should.

I gave up bread to help understand one of the people we're teaching who wants to stop smoking. I went three weeks! And then she told us to stop.....But. I do understand a little better now. And, sadly, I don't love bread as much as I used to :( 

Je vous aime!