Last Thursday we got our travel plans! We leave next Tuesday

 morning!!!! And by Tuesday morning, I mean an ungodly time before anyone anywhere should really be awake. They've asked that we arrive at the travel office - luggage and all - no later than 2:00am 

. . . . Huzzah! 

Yesterday, item #1 on my MTC bucket list was crossed off. It all started when our District Leader suggested we take a field trip outside of our classroom for district meeting. He suggested we meet at some tables at the far end of campus, and we all agreed without much thought. We started walking, haplessly, and he said "actually, maybe we should meet in the room of requirement." A little more intrigued, we followed him into a building, and started down a large staircase, and another, until we found it: The Pillow Room. As far as the eye could see, pillows, pillows, and more pillows. They lined the walls and covered the floor in huge, black trash bags. Taped to the side of a table, we found a little note - welcoming us to the pillow kingdom and warning us to keep it secret, and to return everything to its proper place before exiting. We quickly reevaluated our agenda for district meeting and chose to devote a significant amount of our meeting to a bonding activity, namely jumping into the piles of pillows. It was a good decision. But really. Amazing.

I love you like woah!

-Sister Tillemann-Dick